SPINNERS box ilba

New Spinners Box ILBA, made of EVA covered with LYCRA, they are equipped with a magnetic closure and are perfect for carrying your baits in comfort and safety, avoiding tangles of hooks and damage.

Suitable for spinners, micro spoons and flies, they have two internal walls covered in perforated Triangle Slit Foam and a movable foam sheet to keep the baits separate on both sides.

Dimensions: cm. 16 x 9 x 3

Spinners Box ILBA
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Two selections of spinners ILBA composed by the most sold models and combinations of colours, distributed in semi-transparent boxes multi compartment. Available in version medium/light with 188 spinners (sizes from 1 to 3) and in version medium/heavy with 162 spinners (sizes 2 to 5).

Selezione spinners COLORS ILBA

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Blades, bodies, hooks and all ILBA components may be sold singularly, ready for the assemblage direct from fishermen or distributors that desire to sell personalized products (we can produce also blades decorated with brand/logo of distributor).



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