ILBA MARINER: the first spinner designed for sea fishing!


From ILBA’s experience in spinners and sea lures, the new MARINER. Designed for the needs of those who intend to practice spinning in saltwater, it is assembled with great care and quality components.

All parts of this lure are nickel plated to counter the effects of saltwater on metal and ensure the durability of the spinner over time. The glossy finish typical of Nickel also give to MARINER a superior brilliance and attractiveness of the bait in rotation in the recovery phase. The treble hook VMC with Permasteel treatment complete this special spinners for the use in salt water.

ILBA MARINER is available in four sizes: N.2 (7gr.) - N.3 (9gr.) - N.4 (14gr.) - N.5 (19gr.) with or without White Feathers on hook.

Video spinners Mariner ILBA in azione
See how it works into water
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